Our Employment & Benefits practice provides legal advice encompassing every aspect of labor, employment, and benefits laws

As a solution centered firm, our practice team interacts with other practice areas of the firm, providing labor and employment advice in corporate transactions, carrying out labor due diligences, identifying existing or potential labor and employment contingencies.

Likewise, we help clients with the proper documentation of employment relationships, termination strategies, internal compliance procedures (e.g., drafting, implementation and execution of solid in-house policies), expat hiring strategies, high level executive compensation plans, as well as compliance with Mexican authorities including the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare with respect to employment and safety aspects through inspections and audit procedures, and from other non-governmental organizations.

Such services include:

  • Advice and drafting of work contracts for directors or high-level employees including covenants of non-competition.
  • Confidentiality and golden parachutes.
  • Structuring and implementation of profit sharing plans, stock options purchase plans and other stock-related benefit agreements for employees.
  • Employee Benefits & Equity Services.
  • Employment Substitution and transfer of workforce.
  • Employment terminations.
  • General employment day to day consulting.
  • Labor and employment compliance.
  • Local Immigration & Global Mobility (expat hiring strategies).